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Some of my best Work!

All services and color shown are done by me ❤❤ {Click any photo to enlarge!}
The Press Files

I utilize a one pass pressing technique when pressing hair. This means that I will only go over hair 1-2 times to press, and possibly once more to curl. There will be minimal passes with the flat iron on your hair. Also, heat is kept to a minumum for the safety and integrity of your hair. This allows you to safely press and come back to your natural curls!

Mango & aloe collection.png
The Twist Files

Twists are an excellent protective style and have a uniquely elegant look to them.


The most popular twists are the Marley, Havana, and Spring. The differences between these styles of twists are the hair used and the technique. 


 Flat Twist Updos and Buns are a great way to get your hair off your neck and into a protective style! Summer is coming so this is especially good for the heat. Also if you workout, twists and updos are great way to remain stylish while working it out in the gym!

Copy of Copy of Mango & aloe collection.
The Loc Files

I have been cultivating and styling locs for many years. I love to use my creativity and expression to create beautiful styles along with tight (not too tight!) and neat grooming. 

Copy of PURPLE DISCO - 2000 x 350 (1).png
The Braid Files

Are you transitioning, working out or just need a break from your hair? Box Braids and other braid styles are a great way to grow out your natural hair while looking pretty and giving styling options!


I pride myself on braiding with just the right amount of tension, not too tight! It is important for me that the integrity of your hair is never compromised during the braiding process. Because of this, I will not do very small braids or use extreme tension on the hairline.

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