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Thank you hair gods for Ms. Aronda Denise. 


My hair is mostly fine during the summer with self maintenance but in the winter it gets dry so I often get it braided or maintenanced by a stylist to save myself from either getting so frustrated I cut it off or neglecting it so terribly it falls out. 

I had been trying to book with Aronda for a while but appointments were unfortunately often gone for days/times that I was available. I called in a week previous and was able to snag a Saturday spot. I went with the MoroccanOil press which includes a MoroccanOil treatment to aide with moisture/strength and combat dryness. The entire process included the deep condition (sat under dryer for roughly 20 mins), blow dry and press. Aronda also gave me a nice trim (about a inch) which was pleasant especially in wake of hack trims I've had in the past. Total time was a little less than 2 hours, $75 for total style.  I observe very well and I can tell Aronda puts a great amount into her craft and uses high quality styling products and tools. Coming here actually convinced me to invest a bit more in the selection of what I use at home. 

When I say I'm HIGHLY impressed I  literally mean I couldn't have been anymore satisfied with the look and condition of my hair when I left the salon. The improved condition was noticeable in person as well as pictures (see images attached). It was shiny, lightweight, bouncy, flowy and everything I've ever wanted my natural hair to look like. I just wish I could wake up everyday looking like I got my hair styled by Aronda. While she is considerably higher priced than going to say a Dominican salon ( but cheap for a natural hair stylist), there is definitely an amount of care and consideration for natural hair here that I really respected. This is one of those instances where you get what you pay for and it is worth every penny. 

With that being said Aronda is often booked (scheduler available online) so if you're looking for get an appointment book early! There is likely little to no chance for same day appointments. I almost don't want to tell anyone about it in fear that she'll never have any spots available! This lady is in high demand for a reason! So happy to have came here. I think my natural hair has found it's home :)


Leigh O.



I am reluctant to write this review because it's always nice to keep best kept secrets under wraps but how selfish would that be? I have been to all of the touted natural hair salons in Philly & will choose Aronda every time moving forward. She was personable, professional, prompt, & courteous. The hair handling techniques were clearly honed crafts. Gentle, effective, efficient & research based hair care! I understand my natural hair very well & I am well versed in what works well for MY hair. The popular shops rely heavily on their reputation (which matters) but a savvy consumer pays attention & does not get caught up in the glitz & fanfare & totally miss the broken hairs on the floor from inappropriate drying/detangling or the lack luster customer service...coupled with gargantuan prices! If you are looking for top notch service, convenient locale, incomparable pricing, cutting edge natural hair styling, prompt & efficient salon experience then look no further! I my hair is beautiful, I spent very little time in the shop, I felt pampered, & I didn't pay a king's ransom. All hail the queen (Aronda Denise).


Randi J.



Aronda is an awesome Loctician. Her styles are unique as well as hair coloring. She even makes her own oil product. I get numerous compliments about my luxurious and healthy locs. I trust all my loc needs to Aronda!!



Awesome Loctician



I highly recommend Ms. Aronda Stewart! She is a wonderful natural hair stylist. It's been a couple of days, and I am still getting tons of compliments. She is a very personable person, and gets your hair done very quickly.


Lumena L.



I would like to definitely recommend Aronda. I drove from NYC to PA to get my hair done on 9/12/12 and I have not stopped getting compliments yet and it has been 4 days. My service was a flat twist updo. She was quick and very pleasent to be around.


Melanie E.



Aronda you are not only a beautician but a great artist. I received more compliments regarding your work! I hope you realize that you are quite gifted :)





I had Aronda do my hair for the second time and each time was a great experience! She didn't make me wait forever to get started and when she finished washing my hair it was so soft and the comb and blow dryer went right through it. My hair is very thick so it was a pleasant surpise. Also, I like the idea that she works fast. I wasn't in the salon more than three hours. She cornrowed my hair and it was so gentle but the braids were still tight (first time ever had that happen). Aronda is very knowledgeable about natural hair. [I] Will definitely be a repeat customer.


Valerie M.



I love Aronda Denise! Definitely book your next appointment here.


Charise G.



I would like to thank Aronda for being my new loctition,she has given me the best experience ever! It starts when you walk in the door she greets you by name , her chair is always ready at your appt. time and I"m always 1000% satisfied with the finished product I am now a loyal customer!! Thank You Aronda



Satisfied Customer



The perfect salon!!! I love my hair and Aronda Denise is great! I was super nervous about getting my hair done in it's natural state because of the thickness of my hair. I have to admit Aronda and her team made me feel like my hair was a different texture while combing throug it. I would recommend anyone pursuing healthy hair to give Aronda Denise your business. I'll be back


Fermina M.




Aronda was a miracle worker. I have so many insecurities when it comes to my hair and I hate wearing it out sometimes. About a month ago i realized my hair was breaking off in one particular spot so I started wearing wigs. Eventually my hair got in such a state where i wouldn't even bother with it because I was just so embarrassed. So i kept it in two strand twists hoping it would get better (like some heavenly gift lol). Anyway, when i finally decided enough was enough me and my dad started to research experienced natural stylists. See, I was used to going to the domincans, and even though the finished product was great, they didnt treat my hair like I know it should have been treated, (thin combs, too much heat, just kinda rough in general). We found Brilliance of Shine on South Street, and I went on a day where there was a student discount which is a pleasant surprise. Aronda is very personable and easy to talk to. (I've had some stylists who completely ignored me.) Now to the hair.  I was expecting it to be painful because it hadn't been combed out in a week or so. And my hair is very thick. When she started blowdrying my hair I almost didn't believe she was running a comb through my hair, it was so smooth. i'm guessing that's due to the anti breakage keratin conditioner she used. I wish I'd took some before pictures because there is an after shot on the facebook page. if only you really knew! It's not exactly cheap prices for a college student but the result is worth it if you plan to be consistent because I'm pretty sure getting it done by someone who really understands your hair is better than someone who can't really relate. Don't get me wrong, the dominicans are great, just not for everyone. Stop by and see for yourself! P.S. i haven't had a perm in two years and when I left the shop so many people asked if i had one. that's how good it looked.


Abria H.




I just had to write you to tell you how many people have come up to me in the past week to compliment me on my hair.  I have been in Virginia all week.  At church on Sunday my friend's husband, who wears his hair braided, asked me for your contact info - but since he's more than 200 miles away, I suspect he won't follow up. On Monday a stranger came up to me in Starbucks, to compliment me on my braids and my hair color.  I thanked him and offered to hook him up with you, but I suspect that since he was a bald white guy - he declined.   Today I attended a funeral and the pastor came up to compliment me on my hair color and style.  And another guy I spoke to at the funeral very deftly - transitioned to a conversation about my recent move to Pennsylvania to the question, so are you married?   I had met him last year and all this time he didn't care that I was alive - so I know it was the hair that caught his eye.  I say all this to say, I love my hair!!!  


Diann J.




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