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A Guide to your New "Baby Locs"

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I’ve got my locs started. Now what??

If you have recently started the locing process on your hair, first I’d like to say Congratulations!

You have joined an elite group of loc’d sistas and brothers. I am happy you have found this article, especially if you have recently gotten your locs started and are eager to watch change happen in your own hair. If I am your stylist, you have likely been referred by me to this blog where I will give you a few tips on what to do with your newly started locs.

For the first 3 months or so of your loc journey, your hair is in what’s called the “Baby Locs” stage.

This stage lasts from the time your locs are started until you start to see the first buds of loc’d hair on your locs.

I hope these tips help answer some of your questions!

  • Keep your hair wrapped - Always wrap your hair at night. Wrapping your hair at night helps tame flyaways and protects hair from drying out and friction.

  • Curb the product Junkie urges Your new locs will need time to mature and grow buds. Because of this, traditional shampooing is not recommended for at least 6-8 weeks after your locs have been initially started. Because product buildup cannot be easily removed from baby locs, it is not advised to go heavy on product use. A light oil like my Lemongrass Healing Hair & Scalp Oil is perfect for helping to avert dryness and itching, and will also give your hair a beautiful sheen. It is easily absorbed into your hair and scalp, leaving no buildup.

  • Your shower cap is your friend Getting your baby locs wet needs to be done with extreme care and preferably your stylist is right there with you when water is around. Wet locs can unravel and make the locing process take longer than it normally would. When you see your stylist for your first few visits, she should give you a gentle shampoo that avoids over-manipulation. The reason for this is to reduce the chances that your twists or coils will unravel and to help aid the locing process. Always keep a shower cap on during showering to avoid getting your baby locs wet.

  • Develop a regimen for your Loc Maintenance The best way to maintain healthy and beautiful locs is to keep them maintained regularly. You don’t want to cause excess matting and joining together of your new growth! This can be painful and expensive for you so you want to avoid waiting too long in between retightening. I suggest seeing your stylist at least every 3 weeks for the first 3 months and then about once a month after.

  • Be patient Your locs will have their own individual story, and they won’t be exactly like anyone else’s. There will be times when your hair will frustrate you, excite you, and humble you. You are in for a beautiful ride!

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