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4 Tips for Healthy Hair

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

While I specialize in Natural Hair, I do have lots of experience with relaxed hair as well. I am a former relaxed girl, and maintaining my hair in the relaxed state proved to be very difficult for me. My biggest issue was breakage and maintaining length. Deciding to go natural was a liberating experience for me and helped me grow out my hair, but I realized it may not be for everyone.

If you do decide to go natural, there are endless options for styling and maintaining your hair. The basic principles of hair care and maintenance apply to both relaxed and natural hair. In this article, I'd like to offer you some basic tips to keep your hair healthy, whether its relaxed or natural!

  • Tip #1 - Drink 6-8 8oz glasses of water a day. I know this seems like a lot when you have a busy lifestyle, but it’s super important for many reasons other than your hair. We are made up mostly of water, and it’s one of our most important elements. Keeping your body hydrated will help your hair retain moisture, which is your best defense against breakage and dryness.

  • Tip #2 - ALWAYS sleep with your hair covered with a satin scarf, or on a satin pillowcase! This is a very important step in the health and maintenance of your hair. You can take the best care of your hair all day, but if you go to sleep on a cotton scarf or pillowcase, the friction created from the cotton can weaken your hair and cause it to break. Also, cotton is very absorbent and will suck the precious moisture from your hair.

  • Tip #3 - Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. This will reduce buildup from styling products in your hair and help keep it shiny and healthy. Buildup from styling products can make your hair feel limp and can prevent it from holding curls and other styles. While these products are meant to help you with your styling needs, they are not meant to be left in your hair for long periods of time. Regular shampoos are not always strong enough to completely remove all traces of these products. It’s important not to over clarify either. You don't want to strip your hair of its natural moisture.

  • Tip #4 - For my dread lock wearers. Don't over twist your hair! Your locks are delicate, and over twisting can cause breakage. I know it’s tempting to touch up those edges on a daily basis when you're waiting for your touch up appointment, but too much of anything isn't good, except Love! Always consult with your stylist, even when doing your own touch ups.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful to you in your quest for long, healthy and strong hair! Stay beautiful!


Sending Love & Light

Aronda Denise

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