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Do this Now to stop Hair Breakage!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Wrap your hair in satin or silk every single night. This seems like a no brainer but I cannot express to you how much of a difference wrapping your hair nightly will make as far as the texture and length of your hair!!

I was definitely one of those people who didn't take this serious for years! I would fall asleep without covering my hair and wonder why my hair was always breaking and dry. I was doing everything else right- deep conditioning, getting regular trims, you know, everything you're supposed to do but my hair was still breaking. Not to mention the ends were.... see through!

Cotton, linen, or other rough fabrics can cause friction to the hair that over time will weaken your hair strands causing them to break. Wrapping your hair in satin or silk protects the strands and your style! It's soooo so important to not skip a single night. It's one of those things where skipping one night might not show an immediate bald spot or rough ends but the damage is gradual. So gradual that you may wonder what the root cause of the damage is! I'm here to tell you the damage is caused from not properly wrapping your hair.

Once I committed to wrapping my hair nightly in satin I saw a huuuge difference in my hair pretty quickly. Of course my styles lasted longer, the shedding all but went away, and my hair just started to flourish. Now, to be fair, I also implemented a lot of other things including using our Intense Herbal Growth Serum and scalp massage and some other techniques, but this one was for sure a game changer.

I know that some people just cannot keep a scarf or bonnet on their head all night to save their life! A silk or satin pillowcase is a great alternative if that is the case.

We have recently launched our own satin hair bonnet and it is currently available for purchase! Our Satin Edge Wrap Bonnet is completely reversible, comes with a wrap around edge scarf, and is lined with satin on BOTH sides to reduce frizz, dryness, and breakage! They are oversized and adjustable to fit most sizes as well as accommodating to many hair styles and lengths. Featuring our signature colors of rich purple and black, our edge wrap bonnets are an amazing addition to your sleeping and lounging routine.


I am excited to let you know that our first ebook is available!

Our Healthy Hair Care Growth Guide gives additional tips and tricks that I have personally used to improve the health and length of my hair and my client's hair in the salon.

It's available for FREE!!

You can get your free copy by clicking the link above.

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